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Learn about Pendulum divination


Pendulum is one of the most widely used divinatory arts. It is easy to use, and a lot of dowsers use it too.

We suggest reading through this chapter to discover the Pendulum divination. We discover its origins and introduce you to use.

The origins of the Pendulum divination

The origins of the Pendulum divination dates back to the 17th century, when it was used to search for gold. From the 18th, Pendulum is beginning to be used by clairvoyance with its reactions in the presence of different materials. It is often used for research animals, people or lost objects.

The Pendulum divination is an object composed of a wire which is attached a weight. It uses the principle of Pendulum, that is to say, a weight which oscillates around a fixed axis, and whose oscillations have an esoteric meaning. In general, the clock is made of metal, wood or crystal, and is suspended from a chain of 5 to 25 centimeters long.

Pendulum captures the energies that surround the practitioner and thus to increase the perceived through vibration wave. It allows finding information or answers to questions of the consultant.

The Pendulum divination must be chosen with great care. The practitioner should feel comfortable with Pendulum. Consequently, it should not be too long, too short or too heavy. It is important that the practitioner feels the good vibrations before acquiring a clock.

How to use the Pendulum divination

Before using a Pendulum, the practitioner must ensure that settle in a quiet room and screened. It is also preferable that the practitioner's table is wood and all metal objects are removed from Pendulum. The feet should also not touch the ground.

Pendulum must be held between thumb and forefinger. When erect and motionless, Pendulum answered questions put to him by passing the vibrations of the room oscillations. If it moves, then your chain is not the correct length.

Once the Pendulum is stopped, you can start asking questions. It is possible to put objects, pictures or maps below Pendulum if they are related to the question. Pendulum answers questions with a yes or no.

By convention, if Pendulum rotates in a clockwise is yes, otherwise it is not. It is important to set the rules once and for all. Sometimes it happens that the issue is not sufficiently well formulated. In this case, we must rephrase the question until you get a yes or no.

Each question must be made as clear as possible. Similarly, there may be no response at a meeting, and in this case, it will be necessary to ask this question at a future meeting. It is also advised not to mix the themes and topics in one session or attempt to influence the clock with an expected response.


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