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Learn about Crystal Ball

crystal ball

Crystal Ball is an object used since the Middle Ages in divination. The earliest Crystal Balls were made in the 13th century. They are made of glass or rock crystal and have a foot of steel or wood.

Crystal Ball is the most used translucent ball. Divination by the Crystal Ball called Cristalomancy. It is considered as a pseudoscience.

How to use crystal ball?

At a meeting of Cristalomancy, Crystal Ball must be placed on a table equipped with a candle or a softened light so that the ball can pick up the brightness. It is this light that will allow the appearance of shadows and blurred images or visible. In each session of Cristalomancy, silence must be absolute in order that the practitioner has to concentrate to the maximum.

It is important to know that sometimes more sessions will be needed to answer the question. Indeed, in many cases no picture and it are then necessary to repeat the session for several day.

Dream meaning of crystal ball

Here are some pictures that you can to appear in a Crystal Ball.

Angel the appearance of an angel means a disinterested help from a stranger.
Chains it is an indication of isolation and loneliness of the consultant.
Circle it is a symbol of peace and trust.
Crown it is the sign of prosperity and pleasure.
Cross it is a symbol of victory and good times.
Cross in a circle it is a sign of delay in project implementation.
Eagle this animal symbolizes health and end of all problems.
Head it represents the arrival of new projects in the pipeline.
Hole it embodies the passion, sensuality and sexuality.
Mirror it embodies sincerity.
Mouth it is a warning against rumors, gossip and hawking.
Silver it is a sign of physical or economic disappointment.
Star it indicates the romance, the couple harmony and happiness.


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