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Learn about Biorhythms


The theory of Biorhythms is the result of a spiritual and philosophic approach of life. It describes the influences of physical, emotional and intellectuals cycles from birth to death.

Each phase of the cycle can be positive or negative. This theory is considered as a pseudoscience.

The interpretation of Biorhythms would solve problems, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the day.

Biorhythms are important these days especially in large companies where decisions are numerous and very important. Biorhythms are also use by couples to find any periods of tension and harmony by combining curves of individual partners.

Interpreting your Biorhythms

Biorhythms consist of three different cycles represented by different colors. Each cycle is divided into positive and negative phases. Similarly, the cycles have critical days, bad days for which the curve crosses the baseline.

Cycles are represented by charts. These charts show the upper limits of skills, while the bottom charts indicate the minimum skills. When two charts intersect, there is a conflict between two powers.

Phase is called positive at the top of the curve.
Phase is called transition during periods of difficulties and changes.
Phase is called negative at the bottom of the curve.

The Physical cycle
The Physical cycle is defined by a blue line. It represents health, energy and physical skills, and lasts 23 days. It shows good times for rest and relaxation.

The first part of the cycle indicates a period of opportunity and as a period of eleven days. The second part of the cycle indicates a difficult period where problems arise. The critical days indicate to be more careful and correspond to the first and 12th day of the cycle.

The Emotional Cycle
The Emotional cycle is defined by a red line. It represents the emotional skills, sociability, optimism, passion and lasts 28 days. It indicates a mental balance and physical strength.

The first part of the cycle indicates a pleasant time and a period of fourteen days. The second part of the cycle indicates a period in which the balance nerve is tested. The critical days indicate to be more careful and correspond to the first and fifteenth day of the cycle.

The Intellectual cycle
The Intellectual cycle is defined by a green curve. It represents the intellectual or mental skills, and lasts 33 days. It indicates a change or an evolution of knowledge.

The first part of the cycle indicates a period of alert intelligence and dedication and for a period of sixteen days. The second part of the cycle indicates a period where understanding is less intense. The critical days indicate to be more careful and correspond to the first and 17th day of the cycle.


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