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The legend of chinese astrology

The Wall of China

Many stories tell how animals were selected and determined was their order of arrival, usually through a race.

One day, Tiger, Dragon and Rooster presented themselves to the Jade Emperor, and complained of being mistreated by humans. The Latter, chief god, decided to choose ten animals and dedicate them to the years of the lunar cycle. His idea was that if humans had their astrological sign attached to an animal, then they would stop the abuse. However, this idea was not excellent, because the race will result in many incidents.

Decision was taken by the Jade Emperor to order the collection of all subjects and that the top ten that arrived at his side would be elected. The Pig was able to persuade the Jade Emperor to choose it as judge of the different animals.

The Cat, for fear of not being able to wake up, have asked the Rat to wake him before leaving. However, the Rat with himself lest the Cat passes in front of him, decided to go alone to the palace of the Jade Emperor.

The race ends with the river crossing. The Ox will come in second position after the Rat has passed him between the horns. The Tiger will come through the third Monkey who confirms his title of King of terrestrial animals. The Dragon is the fifth largest overwhelmed by the Rabbit cut his tail on the advice of the Dog. The Snake, helped by its small size, slipped to sixth position before the seventh horse after jumping to get out of the river. The Goat comes after the Horse, followed by mischievous Monkey and Rooster.

Annoyed by the Rabbit, the Dog bit him which led to his being relegated in last place, is in tenth place. The Pig was also relegated to last position after attempting to enroll in front of the race.

After the first ten animals arrived, the Jade Emperor addressed his minister and that's where two homonyms Chinese Dog (pretty) and Pig (that is sufficient) allowed these two animals to be part of the zodiac signs of where the number of twelve Chinese signs.


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