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Learn about Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology is one of the oldest in the astrological world. It relies on traditional religious and astronomical concepts, and is based on the Chinese lunar calendar dating in the tradition of 2637 BC. Chinese signs are calculated relative to the lunar year which differentiate them from western astrological signs. A lunar year has 12 moons or 13 moons every 12 years, the cycle of the signs of the Chinese horoscope and is therefore 12 instead of 12 months for the astrological signs. The sign changes occur during the Chinese New Year that falls on the day of the new moon (the date of Beijing) is between January 21 and February 20.

Each Chinese character is represented by an animal that has an influence on the destiny and personality of people born that year. The twelve animals of the horoscope belongs to the Chinese tradition and folklore. These signs were inspired by Persian astrology would have been imported into China via India or Tibet. The symbolic value of Chinese characters is different from that usually associated with these animals. Thus, the Tiger is considered myself champion of the poor.

In Asia, these signs are so important personal and financial undertaking that no project without consulting them. Similarly, couples and births are often on the compatibility of their signs.

The twelve Chinese are, in order: Rat, Ox , Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep or Goat, Monkey, Rooster or Phoenix, Dog, Pig or Boar. In some countries having adopted, chatting replaces the Rabbit and Bear replaces Pork.

Besides your sign there are two additional indications for the analysis of your character: the dominant Yin or Yang sign and your element (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) corresponding to the year of your birth. Yin and Yang are closely related. They are complementary, and together can not exist without the other. Each of us has a dominant Yin or Yang, but these two forces are not opposed to all: they are both present in each individual.

Yin symbolizes the white side, the feminine within us, the unconscious, the night, but also the organization, practicality and versatility.
Ox, Rabbit, Serpent, Goat , Rooster and Pig are Yin signs dominated.

Yang symbolizes the dark side, the male part, the conscious, the day, but also independence, impulsiveness and spontaneity.
Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog are predominantly Yang.

Chinese astrological signs are also combined with the five elements: gold (? jin), Water (? shui), Wood (? mu), Fire (? huo) and Earth (? you) so that all combinations forms a ring of sixty different years.
The five elements or five agents are essential forces acting on the world of signs. Fluctuance and movement, they follow the order in accordance with the succession of seasons:

Wood generates Fire, which generates the Earth, which causes the metal, which causes the water, which in turn generates the Wood ...
Each element has an influence on our character and our interaction with the outside world. These five elements are inseparable from each sign as Yin and Yang are inseparable from each other.

In Chinese astrology, the elements reflect our behavior about the outside.
Water: Rat / Ox / Boar
Woods: Tiger / Rabbit / Dragon
Fire: Snake / Horse / Goat
Metal: Monkey / Rooster / Dog
Earth: it contains all the elements in it
Tradition associates finally a color to each element: Wood is green, Fire red, yellow or ocher earth, the white gold and the black or blue Water. Each element affects two consecutive years in a cycle of 10 years.

Wood element corresponds to Jupiter planet, it is the most beneficial elements because it means development, longevity and wisdom is also the element of spring.
People like wood elemnt are innovative, generous, imaginative, and are generally full of life and vitality. They like work, discover new products, the nature, are children and pets.

Fire element corresponds to Mars planet.
People like fire element are positive, sometimes violent, proud, sensitive, and tend to stand out and dominate others. They have a leadership mentality, they are sure to love them and influence others and show their charisma.

Earth element corresponds to Earth planet, which has no season or specific directions. It is considered the fifth season by Asians.
People like Earth element are stable, are practical, conservative and stubborn. They are also humble, do not fear the effort, but can be selfish and pessimistic.

Metal element is Venus planet, which is the astral deity of love, but in China that symbolizes the fall harvest season.
People like metal element are ambivalent, warriors, rigid and independent. They are attracted by money, power, they have a taste for business, success and calculators.

Water element is Mercury planet which governs, for Chinese, communications, and deep emotions.
People like water element are friendly, conciliatory, but nevertheless lack of energy and are often anxious and often live in the shadow.


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