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The 53 Belline Oracle cards meanings

Cards 1 to 3

Card 1 this card represents the key or destiny. It tells the consultant that he is the sole master of its destiny and prompt action.
Card 2 this card symbolizes the star of the man or the consultant. It may also indicate the influence of a woman in the drawing of a man.
Card 3 this card symbolizes the star of the woman or the consultant. It may also indicate the influence of a man in the drawing of a woman.

Cards 4 to 10

These cards come to symbolize the life force, the light, the power of life and the beginning.

Card 4 this card symbolizes the birth, the nativity and the beginning.
Card 5 this card symbolizes the success, the reward for all, the effort and the victory.
Card 6 this card symbolizes the rise and the profession.
Card 7 this card symbolizes the honor, the recognizing of the values and the work rewarded.
Card 8 this card symbolizes the friendship and the support between friends.
Card 9 this card symbolizes health rest and time to recharge.
Card 10 this card symbolizes the gifts, the exchanges and the donations.

Cards 11 to 17

These cards show a change of course and the mystery.

Card 11 this card symbolizes betrayal, bad luck and lack of success.
Card 12 this card symbolizes the departure and the travel.
Card 13 this card symbolizes inconstancy, thoughtlessness and instability.
Card 14 this card symbolizes the discovery, being spied on and monitored.
Card 15 this card symbolizes water, flooding and sinking.
Card 16 this card symbolizes the household gods, the withdrawal into himself, his family and his entourage.
Card 17 this card symbolizes sickness, disease and pathology.

Cards 18 to 24

These cards symbolize life compared with other, interactions and exchanges.

Card 18 this card symbolizes change and changes of life.
Card 19 this card represents money, wealth, finance and property.
Card 20 this card symbolizes the intelligence and culture.
Card 21 this card symbolizes theft, loss and abuse.
Card 22 this card symbolizes the company, the development and the new projects.
Card 23 this card symbolizes financial investments and trafficking.
Card 24 this card symbolizes the mail and news that was not expected.

Cards 25 to 31

These cards are all that relates to our feelings and our emotions.

Card 25 this card symbolizes the pleasures of life, the moments of happiness and joy.
Card 26 this card symbolizes peace and serenity.
Card 27 this card symbolizes the union, the marriage, and the links.
Card 28 this card symbolizes the family ties of blood and the heart.
Card 29 this card symbolizes love, affection and friendship.
Card 30 this card symbolizes the meal, the table, the usability and the invitations to eat.
Card 31 this card symbolizes the passions and the interests.


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