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Learn about Belline's oracle

belline oracle

Belline Oracle is one of the most popular card game of divination in the world. It is named after the famous seer Belline who, between 1950 and 1980, gave predictions verified in many areas.

Belline was so famous at that time he created his own deck of cards in 1961. Each card has its own symbols. In 1966, the Grand Tarot Belline was be published.

Today, the Tarot of Belline is used by many seers who use it to know the status of the Consultant and its context with clarity. The Tarot of Belline allows you to highlight with great accuracy the positive and negative, and the opportunities ahead.

The Belline Oracle consists of 52 cards and a Blue Card which provides protection and removes the negative aspect of a draw. The Belline Oracle is divided into 7 groups of 7 or 49 blades card governed by the seven planets and three cards are called "first" (the key, man, woman). It gives everyone the power to be master of its destiny. This game is an Oracle that has 2756 cuts possible interpretation (combinations of two cards).

Drawings of Belline Oracle

The draw of the Cross
This is the simplest prints of the Belline Oracle. It is to draw 5 cards in his left hand and place them in the center.
The first card will be placed on the left and symbolize the affirmation and guidance.
The second card will be placed on the right and symbolizes the challenges, concerns and obstacles.
The third card will be placed at the top symbolize the way forward.
The fourth card is placed down and symbolize the solution that will lead to the result.
The fifth card will be placed in the center and make the synthesis.

The draw of the wheel
This draw can address all the issues (money, love, family, work, health). It is to take 12 cards which are deposited in a circle before the consultant.
The consultant must make 12 cards left hand that is available in a circle following the diagram shown. In this draw, the cards represent the 12 astrological houses.

House I the house means the ego, the consultant and the state of mind.
House II the house means financial position, money and material goods.
House III the house means the entourage, short trips, news and communication.
House IV the house means family, home, heredity and origins.
House V the house means love life, the pleasures and children.
House VI the house means daily life, work and health.
House VII the house means marriage, spouse, unions and associations.
House VIII the house means transformations, profits, death and sexuality.
House IX the house means travel, education and law.
House X the house means destiny, career and ambition.
House XI the house means friendships, support and projects.
House XII the house means trials, difficulties and troubles.

The draw of the evolution
This draw can address future developments in the professional, emotional or material. The consultant must make 9 cards left hand and place before the consultant.
The bottom line (maps 1, 2 and 3) is the basis of the draw. It symbolizes the energies and forces of the consultant.
The middle line (maps 4.5 and 6) represents the middle of the draw. It symbolizes the present and the procedure for the consultant.
The top line (Maps 7, 8 and 9) represents the top of the draw. It symbolizes the future and the opportunities that are available to the consultant.


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