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Learn about Egyptian astrology

Egyptian astrology

Egyptian astrology existed since the time of the pharaohs. At that time, the Egyptians consulted the gods before taking any decision. According to Egyptian astrology, each person is influenced by God according to his birth month.

As zodiacal astrology, Egyptian astrology consists of 12 signs represented by the gods of ancient Egypt.

What's your Egyptian zodiac sign?

Click on one of the signs below to learn its features ...

January February March April
1-7 The Nile
8-21 Amon Râ
22-31 Mut
1-11 Amon Râ
12-28 Geb
1-10 Osiris
11-31 Isis
1-19 Toth
20-30 Horus
May June July August
1-8 Horus
9-27 Anubis
28-31 Seth
1-18 Seth
19-2 The Nile
29-30 Anubis
1-13 Anubis
14-28 Bastet
29-31 Sekhmet
1-11 Sekhmet
12-19 Horus
20-31 Geb
September October November December
1-7 The Nile
8-22 Amon Râ
23-27 Bastet
28-30 Seth
1-2 Seth
3-17 Bastet
18-29 Isis
30 Sekhmet
1-7 Sekhmet
8-17 Toth
18-26 The Nile
27-30 Osiris
1-18 Osiris
19-31 Isis


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