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Decans personality traits in astrology

First Decan: March 21 to March 30
The first decan of Aries reveals an aggressive nature, dynamic, energetic, ambitious and moving forward in order to succeed.

Second Decan: Mars 31 to April 9
The second decan of Aries is creative, close to his family, secret and very attracted by power.

Third Decan: April 10 to April 20
The third decan of Aries is passionate, excessive, enthusiastic go-getter and stop by nothing to succeed.

First Decan: April 21 to April 30
The first decan of Taurus is persistent, hardworking, blue and cannot stand criticism.

Second Decan: May 1 to May 10
The second decan of Taurus is tenacious, determined, intuitive, hardworking, affluence and has a talent for business.

Third Decan: May 11 to May 21
The third decan of Taurus is proud, ambitious and puts all his energy in achieving its objectives.

First Decan: May 22 to May 31
The native of the first decan of the Gemini is nice, with great intelligence, but not aggressive and lacking in discernment.

Second Decan: June 1 to June 10
The native of the second decan of the Gemini is inventive, talkative, frank, impulsive and listen to the advice of his friends.

Third Decan: June 11 to June 21
The native of the third decan of the Gemini is sociable, intelligent, generous, but does not accept being contradicted and is quiet authoritarian.

First Decan: June 22 to July 1
The first decan of Cancer is cheerful, optimistic, gifted with great imagination but has reservations in dealing with others.

Second Decan: July 2 to July 12
The second decan of Cancer is shy, brave, curious and involved in relationships with others.

Third Decan: 13 July to 22 July
The third decan of Cancer is energetic, proud, thoughtful and devoted much time and energy to his family.

First Decan: July 23 to August 1
The first decan of Leo is ambitious, materialistic and enjoys the security and affluence.

Second Decan: August 2 to August 12
The second decan of Leo is generous, proud, optimistic and able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Third Decan: August 13 to August 22
The third decan of Leo is ambitious, sensual, hardworking and thoughtful.

First Decan: August 23 to September 3
The first decan of the Virgo is reserved, hardworking, able to perform the most difficult tasks and succeed in all areas.

Second Decan: September 4 to September 12
The second decan of the Virgo is ambitious, conscientious and a great professional.

Third Decan: September 13 to September 22
The third decan of the Virgo is modest, interested by everything and makes decisions after careful consideration.


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