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Decans in astrology


In astrology, a decan or decanate is a subdivision of a sign, a period of ten days each sign is divided into three decans. A decan corresponds to a decade.

According to Ptolemy, it is the "7 classical planets", which represent the decans. Each planet is represented by a color; it is easy to see a star five branches in the zodiac for each color.

According Tetrabiblos, the decan can qualify or enlarge the characteristics of a sign, such as a Aries of the first decan (under the control of Mars) which behavioral is different compared to the second decan of Aries (ruled by the Sun). In this case, the first will be more aggressive, the second will be more authoritarian, but both will be spontaneous, as the March is their home planet.

What is a Decan?

A decan is the subdivision of a zodiacal sign into 3 parts, so in three decanates. Thus, if a sign is evolving for about 30 days, each decan takes about 10 days. We can position a wheel on zodiacal signs with the 12 signs (starting with Aries and Taurus .... To fish).

The 12 signs have
- A 30° angle to form the zodiacal wheel of 360°
- A decan of 10° (12 * 3 * 10°) to form the same zodiacal wheel.

In astrology, each sign is divided into three parts, lasting ten days respectively. That each of these three parts beneath the sign is known as a decanate. The decan refines the personality of an astrological sign, or not supporting a feature or a character trait, based on membership in the first, second or third decanate.

In the daily horoscopes, it is common to hear clarify the decans to support one aspect of the day to come. Also, each decan has an associated planet.


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