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Learn about the houses in astrology

Astrological houses

Astrological houses are 12 in number as the signs and represent the fields of experience and areas of life. They allow to understand the functioning of an individual relative to others in his family background, emotional and work.

Unlike signs that are spread over 12 sectors of 30 degrees, they are calculated from the exact time of birth, the position of planets at that time and the geographical coordinates of the place. This is the domification.

There are houses say as angular, succedent and cadent.
The angular houses are the houses I, IV, VII and X, because they are located at the four corners of the theme. These are the most important houses, because they are part of the dominant planets.
The succedent houses are II, V, VIII and XI, because they are located just after the angular houses. These homes provide stability.
The cadent houses are the houses III, VI, IX and XII, because they come after the other. These homes provide mobility.

A symbolic space class houses in hemispheres and quadrants.
The quadrants are a part of the topic between two angles.

The first quadrant groups the houses I, II and III. The people in these houses are centered on themselves and only see that their interests, but they are dynamic.
The second quadrant groups the houses IV, V and VI. The people in these houses are sociable and creative.
The third quadrant includes homes VII, VIII and IX. The people in these houses like contact with others and need others to advance.
The fourth quadrant groups the houses X, XI and XII. The people in these houses are attracted to the spiritual side of things.

The hemispheres divide the chart into North, South, East and West.
The Northern Hemisphere corresponds to the houses I, II, III, IV, V, VI: the lower part of the theme, which corresponds to a typology personal, egocentric, subjective and internalized.
The Southern Hemisphere is house to VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII: the upper part of the theme, which corresponds to a typology group-oriented, active, objective, externalized.
The Eastern Hemisphere is house to X, XI, XII, I, II, III: the left part of the theme near the Ascendant, which corresponds to a typology of independence and personal action.
The Western Hemisphere is house to IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX: the right part of the theme close to the Descendant, which corresponds to the communication, dependency on others, to the action to the other and according to other.

The First House or Ascendant house
This is the largest home, it is the sign of Aries. The First House tells us about the ego and the personality of the individual. It lies to the left of the chart and is the sunrise in the theme. It evokes the physical appearance, temperament, and health consciousness of the individual. The Ascendant indicates the spontaneous and instinctive reactions, and plays a role in the interpretation.

The second house or house of material possessions
This is the second house and it corresponds with Taurus. House II tells us about moral values, material goods and wealth acquired. It evokes the attitude of an individual in relation to money and its legacies. Attached to the sign of Taurus, conservative and thrifty sign, it indicates how the individual is dealing with the possessions and material things.

The Third House or the immediate
This is the third house and it is the sign of Gemini. The Third House provides information on reports of an individual with its environment, its siblings, its colleagues, its family, etc.. It referred to the study, all methods of communication and short trips. The Third House is to be analyzed with the planet Mercury. It also seeks to describe the learning styles and abilities to learn.

The Fourth House or the world
This is the fourth house and it corresponds to the sign Cancer. The Fourth House provides information on the family especially the mother, ancestors and the personal residence of an individual. It evokes the real estate and emotional security. It is located on the bottom of the chart. The fourth house describes the relationship of a person with his family and his home, and dedication of the birthplace.

The Fifth House or the pleasures of the world
This is the fifth house and it is the sign of Leo. The Fifth House tells us about creativity and recreational activities of an individual. It evokes the pleasures of life such as games and carnal. The Fifth House is to be analyzed with Venus planet, the planet of love and pleasure. It describes the relationship of a person with children, pets at play.

The Sixth House or home daily life
This is the sixth house and it corresponds to Virgo. The Sixth House provides information about the daily life, work environment and the daily tasks of an individual. It evokes relationships with subordinates such as servants, pets and public services. It includes home health everyday.

The Seventh House or the descendant
This is the seventh house, it is opposed to the first house and corresponds to the sign of Libra. The Seventh House tells us about the other, partners, unions, marriage and relationships. It referred to the contracts, associations and partners. The Seventh House is located on the right side of the chart and corresponds to sunset. We found this house with all those who have an emotional connection or professional relationship with the individual.

The Eighth House or crises
This is the eighth house, she opposes the second house and it matches the sign of Scorpio. The Eighth House tells us about the birth, death, loss, crisis and transformation. It also indicates inheritances, financial gains, sexuality, reincarnation and the interest in the occult. The Eighth House evokes risk taking and self-overtaking.

The Ninth House or studies and the world of remote
This is the ninth house, it is away from the third house and corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. The Ninth House provides information on opportunities for the individual to escape such as foreign travel, religion, philosophy and ideals. It said the discoveries of civilization, higher education and foreign languages??. The Ninth House helps soak up the culture of others in thought and moving.

The Tenth House or the social world
This is the tenth house, it is opposed to the fourth house and it matches the sign of Capricorn. The Tenth House provides information on the career of the individual, its social success, its vocation, its ambitions and its will. It indicates the potential for fame, reputation, recognition, determination and enthusiasm that will lead to his social elevation. The Tenth House also evokes the protections and support enjoyed by the individual.

The Eleventh House or the world of affinity
This is the eleventh house, it is opposed to the fifth house and corresponds to the sign of Aquarius. The Eleventh House tells us about the friends, supporters, helpers, and supports an individual benefactors. It shows the influences and interactions between people and groups. The Eleventh House also discusses all topics of humanitarian, dreams and hopes. It is the home of Projects.

The Twelfth House or the world of the afterlife
This is the twelfth and final house, it is away from the sixth house and corresponds to the sign of the Pisces. It tells us about the enemies, troubles, chronic and long durations. The Twelfth House evokes the subject's inner self, psyche, psychoanalysis, the collective unconscious and mental illness. It refers to detention centers such as hospitals, prisons and nursing homes.


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