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Learn about the elements in astrology

Astrological elements

The elements are part of the founding elements of astrology with the signs, the houses and the planets. In traditional astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are divided into four areas representing the four elements, the fire, the earth, the air and the water. Each element consists of three signs compatible which is designated as the triplicity.

These four elements are considered as the four basic principles of life. Thus, the presence or absence in a horoscope reveals fundamental aspects of our personality. It complements each other, thereby maintaining a balance.

To complete the elements, we distinguish the polarities and the quadruplicities or qualities.
The polarities divide the active zodiac signs which are Aries, the Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius ; and passive zodiac signs which are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and the Pisces. The actif signs means persons who are extroverted, dynamic, energetic and communicate easily with others. The passif signs means persons who are introverted, quiet and who appeals to their intelligence to achieve their goals.

The quadruplicities or qualities differentiate the elements into three parts called respectively the cardinal signs, fixed or mutable. This differentiation is used to describe other fundamental aspects of personality. As the elements , its govern different values and characteristics of each.

The signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn belong to cardinal signs. The natives of these signs are characterized by their creativity and entrepreneurial side, but also their selfishness and domineering side.

The signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius belong to fixed signs. The natives of these signs are characterized by their next routine, stubborn, and tenacious but also come up to the end of their projects.

The signs of the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and the Pisces belong to mutable signs. The natives of these signs are characterized by their versatile side, changing but lacks depth of thought.

FIRE ElementThe FIRE element in astrology
Fire triplicity includes the cardinal sign of Aries, the fixed sign of Leo and the mutable sign of Sagittarius. The natives of this element are inconsistent with the water signs.

The natives of the fire element are people enthusiastic, outgoing, honest, dynamic, open, spontaneous and primary. They are spontaneous, impulsive and independent, but first a warm and sociable. The fire element provides energy above the average, passion, ambition but sometimes out of proportion, uncontrolled and thoughtless.

The fire element leads to dominate and conquer, but also allows the purification of the soul and spiritual growth. These people react bright, are to the point and are not quick to make concessions to others. They have a taste for conquest and novelty.

Their main drawbacks are impatience, sensitivity, thoughtlessness, excess and excess. In terms of health, they are prone to cardiovascular diseases and respiratory.

EARTH ElementThe element EARTH in astrology
Earth triplicity includes the fixed sign of Taurus, the mutable sign of the Virgin and the cardinal sign of Capricorn. The natives of this element are often poorly understood by natives of the Air element, as they are to their liking too taciturn.

The natives of the earth element are beings realistic, quiet, stable, conservative, routine, persevering and who complete their goals. They are usually calm, like the comfort and security hardware and have a logical mind. However, they are able to live in difficult conditions. The natives of the land value nature and gardening. They like emotional stability, sensuality and tenderness.

The earth element brings an introverted temperament, reserved and discreet. The natives are patient in their learning, they like to develop their skills and the time factor is not a handicap for them.

Their main drawbacks are that they can trigger anger from having too controlled their emotions, stubbornness, lack of openness and fantasy. In terms of health, they are prone to rheumatic and muscular problems.

AIR ElementThe element AIR in astrology
Air triplicity includes mutable sign of the Gemini, the cardinal sign of Libra and the fixed sign of Aquarius. The natives of this element often have relationship problems with the water signs, because they are perceived as too rational and practical.

The natives of the air element are people who like to communicate and interact with others who need to play a social role and feel the world around them. They are lively, curious and full of ideas, they are interested in all sorts of things at once, so they often show too scattered to reach their goal.

People dominated by this element are intellectuals endowed with reason, but sometimes we find them a bit too superficial. They assert their independence and are naturally suspicious and even cold. They easily adapt to all situations, even if their behavior is very changeable and emotionally.

Their main drawbacks are the coldness, lack of stability and emotion. In terms of health, they are affected by diseases affecting the kidneys and bronchi.

WATER ElementThe element WATER in astrology
Water triplicity includes the cardinal sign of Cancer, the fixed sign of Scorpio and the mutable sign of the Pisces. The natives of this element are often misunderstood by the native fire sign because of their irrational behavior and instinctive.

The natives of the water element are beings ruled by their emotions, intuition, sensitivity and unconscious. They are a natural dreamer, imaginative, discreet, capable of great kindness and generosity, but may prove a formidable foe if they feel attacked.

The natives of this element are anxious, shy and have a tendency to cover. They prefer to use their charm to get to their end, and especially for the elect of their heart. Their sense of intuition and receptivity to the environment predisposes them to activities such as magic and the occult.

Their main drawbacks are their unpredictability, their lack of confidence in themselves, their inability to externalize their emotions and their lack of realism. In terms of health, they are prone to psychological problems, psychosomatic much as they.


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