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Learn about the aspects in astrology

Astrological aspects

Aspects in astrology represent the angular separation between two planets in a horoscope. It gives a dynamic aspect to astrology and gives indictions on relations between the planets. Thus, some planets have positive or harmonious relationships with the other while others have negative or dissonant relationships. It must be understood in its context and in relation to other aspects at one time. Cycles, meanwhile, are repeated over time, but always in a different way. A complete cycle is 360° divided into 12 astrological signs, each one 30°.

Aspects provide information about the energy released by the planets that play a role in personality, the help or the difficulties an individual may face. In astrology, it is considered that aspects do not exact precision. Orb defines the scope between the magnitude of the stars and aspects involved. It is estimated that if the orb is low, the look will be powerful, and conversely if the orb is strong, the appearance will be low.

Each side has different and each orb have different coefficients.
The conjunctions and oppositions have orbs between 9 and 10 degrees.
The trines and square have orbs ranging from 7 to 8 degrees.
The sextiles have orbs ranging from 4 to 5 degrees.
The quincunxes and sesqui-square have orbs of about 1 degree.

Finally, quintiles, semi-quintiles and two quintiles have orbs between 0.5 and 1 degree. The positive or negative side of an aspect depends largely on the relationship between planets and the compatibility between the signs. Similarly, an aspect can be positive at some point and negative at another time.

We distinguish the major aspects and minor aspects.
The major aspects include conjonction, theopposition, the trines, the sextile and the square. It describes the personality of an individual and for which the orb allowed is between 2° and 15°.

The minor aspects include the semi-sextile, the semi-square, the sesqui-square, the quincunxe and the quintile. It has a secondary role which allows to refine the analysis and for which the orb accepted between 1° and 2°.

There are many so-called minor aspects such as the parallel, the decile, the septile, the novile, the bi-septile, the bi-novile, the inconjunction, etc.. but we shall see here that the main. Most of the minor aspects are subdivisions of the major aspects.

The major aspects in astrology

The conjunction (0 degree angle)
The conjunction is formed when two planets are on the same level and not particularly close or distant more than 8° on the chart. It can be positive or negative depending on the affinities or dissonance between them. The combination promotes the combination and consolidation of the principles of two similar planets, but can also complete if different.

The opposition (180° degree angle)
The opposition between two planets by 180°, they are of opposite signs and are opposite or complementary. Each planet is trying to take over the other, which can create tensions and prevent each run. However, this duality can also evolve to master these differences and achieve harmony between the two planets. Quality aspects will tell if these tensions can be positive or negative in the future.

The trine (120° degree angle)
The trine is formed of 120° and belongs to the signs of the same element, so that the planets are compatible. This aspect, positive, created an intellectual harmony, moral and spiritual, which can lead to additional work and rewarding. The risk is that it does not make the effort and risk taking, but rather the lack of initiative and passivity.

The sextile (60° degree angle)
The sextile is formed when the two planets are the degree to 60° from each other. This is beneficial for both planets, as their two energies communicate perfectly with each other. Similarly, it promotes the support, the potential and self confidence. However, if this aspect is missing, indicate a mistake or an error of conduct.

The square (0° degree angle)
The square separates two planets of 90°. It is considered a negative aspect and powerful, it marks the tensions and dissonances between them. This is a source of tension and conflict between them. It forces the individual to fight and be persistent if it wants to resolve these conflicts and overcome difficulties. Prevents the square to stand still and wait. If missing, the individual will be less combative and persevering.

The minor aspects in astrology

The semi-sextile (30° degree angle)
The semi-sextile is an aspect rather positive if the two planets agree, but it may be unfavorable because two signs that follow are still very different.

The semi-square (45° degree angle)
The semi-square is a minor aspect of tension marked by doubts and anxieties, which prevents the individual from acting.

The sesqui-square (angle 135° degree angle)
The sesqui-square is a minor aspect that marks of violence, tensions and difficulties in general.

The quincunxe (150° degree angle)
The quincunxe is a power factor that is perceived as negative. It combines the natures of the square and trine. This can cause tension and stress light, as it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice something to get the best from this aspect.

The quintile (72° degree angle)
The quintile is a very positive aspect that can be energizing and sometimes reveal hidden talents of an individual.


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