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Virgo zodiac sign
(23 august - 22 september)

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac constellation. It is related to the classical element Air, and shares this item with Taurus and Capricorn.


Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Color: Yellow and green
Symbolic stone: The Onyx
Figures: 1, 9 and 10
Diseases: Arthritis and the nervous system
Jobs: computer and Veterinary.

Virgo zodiac sign personality

Strengths: shyness, discretion and modesty
Weaknesses: the conservatism
Compatibility: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus
Incompatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, the Gemini, Aries and Leo

Virgo is a shy and quiet, as she sometimes prefers to keep his distance. Her lack of confidence in herself that she hates to change her habits and dealing with contingencies. She has a sense of perfection is highly developed and demanding with herself, so she can be a bit hard with his entourage. Life at her touch is not always easy, because it is extremely manic. The Virgo has a tendency to dramatize everything, even the little things unimportant.

Its strong points are discernment, critical thinking and lucidity. Virgo is one of the most privileged signs of the zodiac and in general a lot of chances in life. She enjoys the luxury and comfort. She enjoys reading, philosophy; it is curious by nature and likes to develop its culture in all fields of knowledge. She cannot do anything to stay in, it needs to be constantly busy. However, even if she has all the answers, she is also able to change its mind if it is wrong. Virgo is willing to send what she receives and rounded corners. She has the sense of sacrifice and she also willing to dedicate themselves to others and thus give the best of itself.

Virgo zodiac sign and work

For Virgo, work is the center of her life, she has a taste for work well done. Although she prefers to work alone, she knows teamwork and a respect for hierarchy, with whom she talks courteous relationships. She knows how to give the best of itself, this is fundamental for her. However, her relations with his subordinates are quiet hard enough because of her perfectionism. She is not careerist and not trying to put them forward. Its ambitions are modest she is preferred to carry trades below its real capacity.

Trades involving its accuracy or thoroughness as locks, watches, electronics and computers are made to the Virgo. She prefers to stay behind and focuses on ensuring safety professions as veterinary or doctor.

Virgo zodiac sign and love

Marriage is not something trivial and she prefers to remain single if his union should lead to a separation. She has trouble meeting its mistakes and does not hesitate to overwhelm her partner in case of conflicts. However, she is able to provide much happiness to her partner and attach strongly to him. She knows to be very attentive to the needs of his partner, even if she is sometimes referred to as being cold and unemotional.

Virgo zodiac sign and health

Virgo has a good constitution and lifestyle because she is a long and healthy and often younger than her age. However, she is constantly worried about her health, explaining that many hypochondriacs are the sign of Virgo. She tends to somatize easily at the slightest provocation because of anxiety.

The famous Virgo

Richelieu - Goethe - Jimmy Connors - Richard Gere
Sophia Loren - Greta Garbo - Chateaubriand - Agatha Christie


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