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Sagittarius zodiac sign
(23 november - 21 december)

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element of fire with Aries and Leo.


Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Color: Purple and orange
Symbolic stone: the topaz
Figures: 9, 14 and 23
Diseases: Bones, brain and spinal cord
Jobs: Journalism and interpretation.

Sagittarius zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: intelligence and openness
Weaknesses: jealousy
Compatibility: Libra, Aries, Leo and Aquarius
Incompatibility: the Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus

Sagittarius is a warm and enthusiast, but impatient so it tends to act and think later. Fortunately, his intelligence is there to make him keep feet on the ground that it is all the more fortunate. He is also very individualistic and does not support that one obstacle his actions or his desires. He is very bold and nothing frightens him. Sagittarius likes to be in motion and hates routine. He has an open mind. However, he is not every diplomat and always says what he has in his heart, which may hurt others.

He never works in the shadow of someone that may cause him little trouble in dealing with others and especially with his superiors. He also supports hard as he gives advice because of its susceptibility. He is also able to forgive as fast as he got angry and did not remove any bitterness. Jealousy is one of its major flaws. He has a taste for risk; he always wants to move forward. He is perceived as sociable and gay, and his relationship with others, he can be conciliatory and tolerant.

Sagittarius zodiac sign and work

Trades that involve social contacts are made to him. As he fled the routine, jobs for travel or make movements such as tourism and international trade are those which are best provided the trips do not last too long.

Sagittarius is also interested in the trades featuring social relations such as the trades of law and justice. He loves the contact with others. He also has the business acumen and his qualities as a speaker allows him to exercise his talents in the business of journalism or interpretation. Meanwhile independent makes he has a potential self-employed, even if his sociability made him a person capable of working in teams.

Sagittarius zodiac sign and love

We cannot say that it is done for the marriage means to him in an installation routine and a deprivation of liberty. His independence made him a fickle and constantly looking for new experience. He does not support that he put limits, so he wants a partner that fits all their requirements and if not found, the prospect of divorce is around the corner.

Sagittarius zodiac sign and health

Sagittarius is a good living and he does not deny the pleasures of life such as food, alcohol or drugs. This attitude makes him a person who tends to gain weight with advancing age and may make them a lot of health problems. Its weaknesses include digestive disorders, spinal cord, bones and brain. He is therefore necessary to learn to listen to your body and follow hygiene rules accordingly.

The famous Sagittarius

Nadia Comaneci - Winston Churchill - Frank Sinatra
Charles De Gaulle - Walt Disney - Edith Piaf - Ludwig Van Beethoven


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