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Pisces zodiac sign
(19 february - 20 march)

The Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element Water, and shares this item with Scorpio and Cancer.

The Pisces

Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Color: Blue, green and yellow
Symbolic stone: Moonstone
Figures: 11, 5 and 19
Diseases: The digestive system and feet
Jobs: Astronomer and artist.

Pisces zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: sensitivity, kindness and moody
Weaknesses: idealism and concealment
Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus
Incompatibility: the Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

It is not easy to know the natives of this sign. They have a changing personality and contradictory that oscillates between the extremes. The natives of this sign do not have a very robust constitution, although they often live long, they are subject to many ailments such as rheumatism, poor circulation and feet. Many of them are listed as anorexic or obese. These are specialists in self-medication rather than to consult the doctor. The Pisces have an artistic soul, a taste for originality and great imagination. They have a changing mood. However, they are beings sweet, tolerant, open minded and respect those around them. They cannot tolerate injustice.

The Pisces appreciate the loving exchanges. They are very sensitive and easily tears. They know how to listen to others and bring them comfort. They are usually very shy; they will trust and not have trouble expressing their feelings. They work by intuition, not reasoning. They love that we care for them, let them advise, guide and you make the decisions for them. It says that they are a little passive. The Pisces are inherently unselfish, generous and they hate aggression. Their weakness is their lack of confidence.

Pisces zodiac sign and work

They must be aware of their value because they are struggling to assert themselves in their work. They are excellent and loyal employees even though they often adopt a retracted position. However, their intelligence and tenacity will allow them to triumph all the more the odds are very often on their side. The Pisces like the trades that enable them to develop their imagination and creativity. Their qualities are powers of observation, communication and exceptional memory.

Jobs made for them are those related to astronomy, trade, hotels and restaurants. Their aesthetic sense also allows them to shine in artistic careers. Despite the slowdown, they have many resources to succeed in difficult times. They know how to attract the sympathies of others, and always have a comforting word to their colleagues.

Pisces zodiac sign and love

On the sentimental, Pisces are dreamers, who dream of a perfect partner they rush to marry. However, dreams to reality, there are sometimes that it can be disappointing or unpleasant once the big step is skipped, and disillusionment may be even greater. Indeed, the experience on a daily basis of any love story is romance and away from theirs problems may arise in their dismay.

Pisces zodiac sign and health

They do not have poor health, even if they are prone to rheumatism of the feet and ankles. Walking seems to be a good way to solve this small problem. Their sensitivity can also cause depression.

The famous Pisces

Albert Einstein - Rudolf Nureyev - Alain Prost - Michel-Angelo
Lee Marvin - Courreges - Luc Besson - Sacha Guitry - Elizabeth Taylor - James Dean


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