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Libra zodiac sign
(23 september - 22 october)

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element Air, and it shares this feature with the Gemini and Aquarius.


Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Color: Red and blue
Symbolic stone: Sapphire
Figures: 2, 8 and 19
Diseases: The respiratory and blood
Jobs: Psychologist, design and public relations.

Libra zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: selfless, social skills, diplomacy and pacifism
Weaknesses: indecision and narcissism
Compatibility: the Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius
Incompatibility: the Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Libra hates everything that has appeal to vulgarity. For him, only the refinement and beauty are keys. Contacts with others are paramount; he is unable to live alone. His natural beauty is legendary. He likes to live and let live. Libra is generally very well appreciated by others, and anyway, he needs to be assessed and approved. He likes to be approved by his entourage. He needs to be loved and charming side knows that he take advantage of situations to his advantage. He is able to take advantage of every situation even if breaking the law in order to be accepted.

Libra is altruistic and full of generosity. He loves to serve others, and foresight to listen and provide comfort to others if necessary. What he hates most is injustice. He has a great ability to listen. Fine psychologist, he needs to think before making decisions. Its main drawbacks are its side manipulative and mood swings. Libra is also quite narcissistic and is subject to depression.

Libra zodiac sign and work

He is not a careerist and focuses primarily his emotional life to his professional life. In the work, Libra favors the trades using the relationship as a psychologist, mediator, hairdressing, crafts and trades such as decorating, sewing and design. He has difficult to win, so it is not advisable to practice trades involving work too painful.

Professions of law and justice are also made for him. Relationships with colleagues are right, he does not have enemies, and it uses diplomacy to get things. He managed to get ahead in his career.

Libra zodiac sign and love

Love is an important place in the life of Libra. The natives of this sign cannot stand alone and prefer to live as a couple rather than alone. They are perfect companions; it is difficult to argue with them, they are sure to live in harmony and without conflict. For them, everything can be resolved through mediation, and they become high when it is not possible and that love is gone.

Libra zodiac sign and health

Libra has generally good health, although kidney problems, bladder (cystitis in particular) and the adrenal glands sometimes come to spoil life. He tends to somatize when alone, and this leads to nervous disorders and psychological that may be difficult to evacuate. He also tends to overeat because of this emotional lack.

The famous Libra

Mahatma Ghandi - John Lennon - Catherine Deneuve - Brigitte Bardot - Oscar Wilde
Paul Aragon - Ray Charles - Romy Schneider - Frederik Nietzsche - Luciano Pavarotti


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