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Leo zodiac sign
(23 july - 22 august)

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element of fire with Sagittarius and Aries.


Planet: The Sun
Day: Sunday
Color: Orange, yellow and golden
Symbolic stone: Ruby
Figures: 1, 9 and 10
Diseases: Bones, brain, spinal cord
Jobs: Politician and advertising.

Leo zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: love, generosity and loyalty
Weaknesses : authority and narcissism
Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aries, Libra and the Gemini
Incompatibility: Capricorn, Scorpio , Taurus, Cancer and the Pisces

Leo is someone nice and friendly, but that tends to get carried away if his entourage is not on the same wavelength as him. He is known for his loyalty and commitment, but he sulks if not satisfied. He needs to be admired and he is recognized his superiority, because without it, it can be very hard with him and his entourage. Leo acts like a spoiled child. He is very proud and does not support the defeat he feels like a failure.

Leo gives great lengths to achieve its ends; it stimulates the vitality around him. However, if he do not succeed, he can enter a devastating anger. He is made to live with a partner and someone is faithful if he closes its shell. His narcissism that he cannot go unnoticed, which can make him pretend to be someone arrogant in the eyes of those around him.

Aside from these few small flaws, Leo is an optimist, a balanced and simple, and he knows how to defend against the vagaries of life. He has a strong analytical mind; he is a creative and courageous. His natural authority allows it to exercise its ability to command and easy to assume responsibility. More than other signs, Leo needs to successes and failures undermine him.

Leo zodiac sign and work

Leo is a combative positions performers do not interest him. He needs to expand its territory, even if it was inherited, and to show his greatness. It's a natural leader, good at command and a hard worker. He refused the poor what can sometimes cause problems for subordinates.

Professions such as banking, corporate management or speculative trades are made for him. Leo also shines in the areas of luxury, advertising and politics. He is also very comfortable when he comes to public speaking, and trades that affect the public relations arouse his attention. He loves things to go his way and the others ask him advice.

Leo zodiac sign and love

Leo is attracted to people with importance, both social and aesthetic. His loyalty is unwavering and he sank into depression when his marriage is breaking. It's a caring person who loves giving gifts and little things to surprise his partner. The only thing he asks in return, is boundless attention and constant.

Leo zodiac sign and health

He has a very healthy driven by a strong constitution. The heart and nervous depression are both weaknesses. Leo has a tendency to neglect to care for and sometimes a little too emotional. However, he has a good strong muscles and skeleton.

The famous Leo

Robert Redford - Jules Cesar - Alexandre Dumas - Madonna - Louis Amstrong
Coco Chanel - Yves Saint Laurent - Witney Houston - Mata Hari - Mick Jagger


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