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Gemini zodiac sign
(22 may - 21 june)

The Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element Air, and shares this item with Libra and Aquarius.

The Gemini

Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Color: Yellow
Symbolic stone: Agate
Figures: 3, 12 and 18
Diseases: Respiratory problems and blood
Jobs: The communication, press and tourism.

Gemini zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: intelligence, communication and adaptability
Weaknesses: nervousness and a side surface
Compatibility: Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Leo
Incompatibility: the Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn

The Gemini likes to be always on the move, he needs mental activity. His character is very changeable, sometimes he is concerned, he is sometimes player. He loves more than any change; the routine is to him his worst enemy. He is constantly in motion, his curiosity is very sharp. The Gemini is enthusiastic about life in general, strives for happiness and just waiting to share it with others. He has a taste for travel provided they do not last too long. He has an open mind.

However, he demonstrates a highly emotional and often grinds of black. At that time, he is unable to joke and sinks into a depression. However, the Gemini cannot be discouraged by obstacles and demonstrated ability to manipulate others to serve his personal interests, so he has a split personality.

The Gemini loves living in the present and pressing need to communicate with others. However, his personality is uninviting and he has sometimes difficulty making real friends. He needs affection and friendship. Very open and very persuasive, but he can argue to keep bias and willingly submits to the law of democracy.

Gemini zodiac sign and work

He likes professions which provide free time and diversity. Trades that are suitable are occupations that promote travel and trade.

All businesses that use contacts with people such as business communication, media, education, tourism is being made to him. His taste for change also encourages the move towards the trades such as reporter or artist.

Gemini zodiac sign and love

Gemini is not for family life. His desire to change that loyalty is not for him, he is quite fickle in sentiments. He likes to flirt and never show enough seriousness in his romantic relationships.

Gemini zodiac sign and health

He must monitor his health and a fragile nature and nervous. His sensitivity that he often falls ill. He often has a restless sleep and poor quality because of his nervousness. He is not a great sportsman and prefers intellectual efforts. The Gemini needs to monitor his lungs and nervous system.

The famous Gemini

Bjorn Borg - Dante - Ali Khan - Patrice Martin - Eric Cantona - Herge - Bob Dylan
Jean Paul Sartre - Michel Platini - John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Marilyn Monroe


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