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Cancer zodiac sign
(22 june - 22 july)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element Air, and share this item with Scorpio and the Pisces.


Planet: The Moon
Day: Monday
Color: White and black
Symbolic stone: The cultured pearl
Figures: 5, 17 and 30
Diseases: The digestive system and feet
Jobs: Sociologist, politician and public relations.

Cancer zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: emotion, sensitivity and caution
Weaknesses: susceptibility and naivety
Compatibility: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio
Incompatibility: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Cancer is deeply sensitive and emotional. He hates unnecessary risk and is considering several times before making a decision. He is tenacious in accomplishing its goals. Cancer is leaking above all quarrels and disputes like the plague. He is shy and likes to be with his family. He is not easy to reconcile with him. He can sometimes arrogant because he feels superior to other.

There are loving parents and caring but sometimes a little stifling and controlling. He reacts emotionally to their environment, it's hard for him to cut the umbilical cord and pass into the adult world. Cancer is evil and unable to react with a smile when attacked. He hates lies and is sincere and honest. His tolerance is legendary. However, his credulity and naivety that he's too trusting others.

Cancer zodiac sign and work

Cancer must be able to identify with his work if his performance suffers. He is not a leader, he hardly needed. He has little ambition; he refuses the spirit of competition and does not overwrite another to achieve his ends. He aspires to a career peaceful without being noticed. Cancer enjoys working in a family environment. If he is an entrepreneur, he made sure to find this family atmosphere by being benevolent with its employees.

The ideal for him is a human-sized company where he can express his feeling. He likes jobs that relate to the general public such as politics, advertising, public relations or sociological surveys. He also enjoys history, archeology, antiques, fashion and in general all that relates to art, film and photography.

Cancer zodiac sign and love

He is a great romantic and love is the center of his life. Cancer tries to give the best of him, and no one knows better than he protected, cajole and encourage his partner. He has total dedication and is described as mother hen. He is faithful and he looks in love continuity and protection. To be loved by him is splendid, but it must be for life.

Cancer zodiac sign and health

Cancer is prone to digestive problems and stomach. The contradictions make he somatizes a lot and this has a direct impact on their organization. He is also prone to anxiety and nervousness. He has to do more physical activity.

The famous Cancer

Hemingway - Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Illie Nastase - Saint Exupery
Georges Pompidou - Isabelle Adjani - Marc Chagall - Proust - Tom Cruise


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