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Aries zodiac sign
(21 March - 20 April)

Aries is the first sign of all signs of the zodiac constellation.
He is related to the classical element of fire with Sagittarius and Leo.


Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Color: Red
Symbolic stone: Ruby
Figures: 7, 17 and 21
Diseases: Bone, brain and spinal cord
Jobs: Lawyer, Doctor, Dentist, Director and Boss.

Aries zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: dynamism, hyperactivity, openness, generosity and willingness to take risks
Weaknesses: impatience, impulsivity, aggression and lack of reflection
Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and the Gemini
Incompatibility: Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn

Aries is a born go-getter; he likes challenges and puts all his energy to the pursuit of its objectives. However, he often rushes headlong which may earn him some of the disappointments and periods of depression. He makes decisions quickly and reflection is not a priority. He loves above all the action. Nothing is moderate at home, he is more future-oriented and do not ruminate on its past failures.

He is very warm and friendly with him and with his relations, even if the other signs feel he has a bad temper. Meanwhile frank and honest that he hates most of all the hypocrites and diplomatic flattery.

He demonstrated authoritarianism, he does not like being wrong so often takes by his entourage to a despot. The failures did shoot only temporarily, and he is able to spread into new adventures at the earliest opportunity. However, he can easily lose interest in what has motivated earlier. Aries likes to be original.

Aries zodiac sign and work

Aries is a born worker. He prefers to be independent rather than working for someone even if he earns less money. He is most famous for his enthusiasm for his consistency. Activities that require initiative and courage are shown for him, while the monotonous activities should be avoided. However, his frankness and his authoritarian side are the work under the orders of another person and group work is a real ordeal for him.

Aries is undiplomatic and others may rebel against him. Independent and impatient, he does not support the positions where patience is required, where the results are gained in the long run and everything is in the shade.

Aries zodiac sign and love

What he hates most is the routine; he likes the change even if we cannot say he is unfaithful. For him, love is more inaccessible; more inflamed his heart and turmoil. He is desperate to win the chosen of her heart.

Aries zodiac sign and health

Aries has an iron constitution, nothing the blind, he can endure the pain. However, he is subject to small headaches and migraines. He is also sensitive to eyes and scalp. He may also have difficulty relaxing to the point of having stomach ulcers.

The famous Aries

Elton John - Emile Zola - Jacques Brel - Charlie Chaplin - Marlon Brando
Steve Mac Queen - Christophe Lambert - Jean-Paul Belmondo - Leonard de Vinci


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