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Aquarius zodiac sign
(21 january - 18 february)

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac constellation. He is related to the classical element Air, and shares this item with Libra and the Gemini.


Planet: Saturn and Uranus
Day: Saturday
Color: Black and dark brown
Symbolic stone: Turquoise
Figures: 7, 14 and 20
Diseases: Hormonal problems and respiratory
Jobs: Chemists, biologists and computer scientist.

Aquarius zodiac sign and personality

Strengths: humanism, loyalty and altruism
Weaknesses: irritability and unpredictability
Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aries, Libra and the Gemini
Incompatibility: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and the Pisces

The natives of this sign are people who appreciate selfless service to their communities. They also like to serve the community and adhering to the great causes in order to have a better world that makes them idealistic. They hate the status quo and tradition. They lean on their intelligence to make things happen, and will always forward more than the other zodiac signs. However, Aquarius tends to think that he is always right and he make others believe it even if he may be wrong. He is quite difficult to understand and he needs independence. He sails between the desire for independence, adventure and rejection constraints.

Aquarius wants to live his life as he pleases, outside the box. He has a taste for provocation; he loves to behave differently, in that he is a nonconformist at heart. Aquarius does not take himself seriously and he has a taste for self-mockery. He seeks the sympathy of others; he has a sense of solidarity and relative ease in human relationships. He is usually flexible and understanding with the plight of others. He is also easily irritated and reactions are sometimes a little unpredictable, because he is very stubborn.

Aquarius zodiac sign and work

Aquarius is looking for a job allowing him to be free and with no hours. He hates the monotony and rigidity. He has many ideas but little or no in the implementation. This is an excellent advisor and he loves all the trades that rely on knowledge and human contact as an engineer, doctor, and technician. He is good at manual or craft occupations.

Aquarius succeeds in the fields of chemistry, biology, computer science and new technologies. His ideas are moving towards all occupations projected to the future, those oriented towards the social, or those oriented science and technology sector. He knows how to implement the ideas and projects. But for this, he needs to feel free in expressing their ideas and think outside the box. However, he needs to cooperate with others to build his project.

Aquarius zodiac sign and love

Marriage is not made for him as he is very independent and because his mind could enclave of freedom. He prefers living common-law or cohabiting, and if he feels trapped, he does not hesitate to take to their heels. His partner will have to ensure that the routine does not install in his life if he wants to keep it. However, if he knows how to trust, it can be a tolerant and respectful partner.

Aquarius zodiac sign and health

The natives of this sign have an excellent health and this throughout their lives. Their weak point is the brain and neurological risks due to its excessive stress. They also experience difficulty breathing and sometimes hormonal or urine. They are also quite nervous, which must rest and eat well to recover a better physical condition. With age, they are also prone to falls.

The famous Aquarius

Paul Newman - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Phil Collins
Jules Verne - Clark Gable - James Dean


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